SAE-100R7-hidraulinis žiedas

Part no.00018 is ferrule special for SAE 100R7 or R8 hoses. YH Hydraulic is manufacturing standard sizes of this type. Ferrules are marked with “YH” letters but no brands or others are acceptable in our factory. Most ferrules are galvanized and common colors are yellow and white. Different colors do not mean different quality. Colors are only for customers’ preference.

Išsami informacija

Part no.: 00018(Ferrule For SAE 100R7/R8 Hose)
Sizes: sizes showed on technical data are our standard sizes but customer required dimensions are available
Finish: Galvanized; Chrome plated; Spray painted
MOQ details: for stock items, MOQ not required; Others, 300PCS one item
Samples: less than 5 PCS free of charge
1. Pictures for SAE 100R7 Hydraulic Ferrule, hose ferrules, hose sleeves, hose collars

2. Įvairūs jūsų pasirinkimai žarnos įvorių modeliai
SAE 100R1AT, DIN EN853 1SN: 00110 ir 00100 įvorės
SAE 100R2AT, DIN EN853 2SN: 00210 ir 00200 įvorės
Įvorės SAE 100R1AT, DIN EN853 1SN, SAE 100R2AT, DIN EN853 2SN: 03310
Antgaliai DIN EN856 4SP, DIN EN865 4SH, SAE 100R12: 00400
SAE 100R7 / R8 žarnelių įvorės: 00018
(Žr. Išsamią informaciją apie YH katalogą)
3. Žaliava
20 anglies plieno 316 nerūdijančio plieno 304 nerūdijančio plieno
4. Srauto pokalbis
YH Hydraulic has rich experiences in SAE 100R7 Hydraulic Ferrule production. We are able to supply different kinds of hydraulic hose ferrules, such as ferrules for R1AT 1SN hoses, ferrules for R2AT 2SN hoses, ferrules for 4SP 4SH R12 hoses, etc. Also we can produce sizes with customers’ requirements. It is a perfect idea to crimp good ferrules with fittings to make hose assemblies without leaking.
Žaliavų pjaustymas. Žaliavų kalimas. CNC staklių formavimas. Ženklinimo dalies Nr. ant apvalkalo korpuso - cinkavimas - pakavimas
5. Dengimo variantai
Padengtas baltu cinku Padengtas geltonu cinku, padengtas Cr3

6. Pristatymas
Įpakavus į plastikinius plastikinius gaminius, dėžutes galima supakuoti į medines dėžes.




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